An interview with Jordan Crugnale – gorgeous,  swell mama, sculptor, artist, very practical woman who can build a sandpit, pull walls down, tile, paint, lobby local government and cook a mean frittata with left-over pasta!:

D.O.B. (if you like) and place: Born December 1969, in Albany Western Australia.

JC: Albany. It is famous for Whaling and now whale watching, ANZACS, Tim Winton, Sharks, woodchipping, windfarms, tuna, and wildflowers.

GA: Star sign? Mean anything to you?

Sagitarrius. Indefinatley deffered horse riding after riding an ex racehorse through the rugged bush terrain out of Albany, being thrown off and landing on an electric fence. Tried Archery at a work Reproductive Health Conference in Queensland many years ago and loved it. Had to tweak my aiming line as I am right armed and left eye dominant.

GA: Surfer?

JC: Fisher, swimmer, runner but after last week’s first attempt am missing italready!

GA: Best ever holiday?

JC: Christmas 1994, Italy at my grandmother’s tiny village home shoveling snow so we could get out the door to chop wood for the fire. I had a birthday there and was given fresh eggs, a live chook and a bottle of wine by my grandmother’s best friend Elvira who sang operatically in dialect all day long. However, being asked to dance by a stunning Cuban in the street in Havana was up there also!

GA: Favourite child? Just kidding. Tell us about your boys?

JC: My partner Mark said to say that he used to be the favourite!

Augustus and Luciano are approaching 4 and 2.

Augustus wants to be a builder and is constantly constructing in the back yard with left over pipes, timber, fallen branches and now the myriad liquid amber leaves that are doing their autumnal fall.

Luciano has an Olympic weightlifter build, eats ridiculous amounts of food at mealtimes, loves sitting on the bed looking at books, singing and following his brother everywhere.

GA: What do you love/like about living in Invy?

JC: The beach. Everytime I go, the seascape visual is different and always stunning.

Have met a truely amazing crew of women, kids and their partners.

People open and friendly and into a chat. Saying ‘goodmorning’ as you pass someone on the footpath is a wonderful thing.

And the days that go by without using a car is a bonus.

GA: What do you miss since moving here?

JC: My neighbours and their kids. We lived in East Brunswick which had gates to the back lane/street and this glorious hoard of children and their laughter would move around from house to house. When they were in our backyard it was mayhem with bikes, scooters, skateboards, tricycles, crawling babies and newly bipedal toddlers going around and around the concrete driveway at great speed and on occasion it did end up in tears.

GA: Dreams, goals, visions?

JC: It is appalling that our Indigenous people still have shocking health statistics compared with other Australians. The Mortality rate is still 10-15 years below the rest of us and although thankfully the infant mortality rate has decreased over the years the birthweights are still low which can present general health issues later in life. Then there is diabetes, kidney disease etc etc. Complex as the reasons and issues are, I hope this changes. I think the Government should set proper targets like every other country. For example, reduce X disease by Y % by the year 2020.

That Australians become aware of our Geneva Convention obligations with refugee intake quotas for both offshore and onshore. I wish the Government would be upfront and just say ‘we have signed an agreement, we take 6000 offshore (no papers-boat) and 6000 onshore (papers – aeroplanes). Detention centres are criminal and inhumane.

That my kids grow up with a great sense of self and confidence to boot.

GA: What are u in2? What makes you happy/at peace?

JC: Music, am overplaying Camille (French singer) Le Fil album where she uses her voice and loops her sounds with minimal traditional instruments as backing. Regina Spektor is getting worn out also but the kids spontaneously erupt into crazy dancing when I hit play.

Big questions you are asking of me….

At peace…making art and sleep. Sometimes I have to make the art when I am asleep.
Happy…playdough, mowing lawns, listening to the sea, family.

GA: Italian heritage - what does it mean to you/how has it shaped who you are?

Means everything. My parents came to Australia in the early 60s. Dad was a builder and mum later taught Italian in the schools. I grew up on a building site, leveling concrete, carrying bricks, cutting tiles and making his coffee! We were teased at school but I always threw the question of ‘can you go to another country and speak another language.?, then talk to me when you can.!  It worked, had no friends!!

Grew up with the best of two worlds really, great food, lots of space, sport, music, war stories and clean beaches. It certainly helped my piano studies knowing the music terms already.

GA: What would you like to win one day? 
Not one day but today!!! Bit self-centred but a kitchen. We are renovating/rebuilding and went with the deck over the kitchen with our remaining funds.

A trip to Italy would be an extraordinary score!

GA: Favourite dessert? JC: Toffee poured over sliced oranges

GA: Movies?

 JC: Withnail and I – British cult film about two out of work actors living in a shocker of a flat in Campden Town in the late 1960s who go on a holiday to Withnail’s very gay Uncle Monty’s country retreat. I have friends who know the whole film by heart…I am at the one-three liner stage still after all these years.

1900 an epic classic Bertolucci film about Italy at the turn of the century. Two boys born of the same day, one the son of the landowner, the other an illegitimate peasant (later played by DeNiro and Depardieu). A tumultuous time in Italian history and a 4 ¼ hr film. Bit tricky to encapsulate in a few short sentences.

The Stalker. Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. A science fiction film about a man (the Stalker meaning Guide) who takes people to the ‘zone’ where your innermost desires come to light. The most remarkable scene in film history ( I think) when he takes a writer and a professor on a railway trolley car after getting through a military blockade into this zone. Single shot, over 7 minutes, no dialogue, three characters motionless and only the sound of the trolley car. A sculptural film.

GA: At swell mamas on Friday, your first ever surfing attempt, you seemed not to think twice, had no apprehension- just went for it! Would you say this is true to your nature?

JC: Yes and occasionally it gets me into trouble.

GA:  You and your neighbours have recently had issues with the council relating to building a car park opposite your homes. What have you learnt from this experience and has this inspired your recent decision to (maybe) run for local council?

Issues still continuing….don’t get me started!

The highlight is having met many people in our area and it not being due to a horrific natural disaster. We have had community street meetings, a group photo for the media and cups of tea and BBQ’s.

This experience has also given me an insight into other more pressing issues and priorities for Inverloch as you learn a lot by listening, asking and observing.  Although we are new here, it is our home now and we want this town to swing.

GA: Thanks love. Beautiful interview. You made me cry!

JC:  Don’t cry. Please, no tears.

GA: T’was your holiday story. It made me cry.