Bec standing up on board

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Bec singing in micheal jackson outfit

Singing at the Wilsons Prom Surfing Trip - a homage to Micheal Jackson


Bec and Leonie holding knives

You call that a knife! About to dig into some culinary delights at Fish Creek


Bec adding humour to the photo

Adding life to a group photo!




Bec Wright nametag

Bec, as one of the very first members of Swell Mamas, what are some of your favourite Swell Mama memories?
So many great memories, but those that jump immediately to mind include:

I was a bit housebound prior to starting at swell mamas, the eldest had started school, and I was at home with three kids under two. I was trying to organise a get together with some of the St Joey’s mums when Trish Hogan said “you should come along to swell mamas”. So I turned up at the kiosk seeking a coffee and chat. As a bonus I also found a greater love of the ocean and the thrill of surfing, and some of the best friends I could hope for. I will be eternally grateful to Trish for inviting me along, and to Lucy and Geraldine for setting it all in place.  

As our Swell Report writer this term you have made us laugh, made us cry, and inspired us to greater surfing heights with your beautiful poetry and stunning photography. Could you say the Swell Mamas uncovered a new talent, or have you been blowing people away with your writing for years and I just didn’t know about it?
I studied and worked as a journalist, and writing and photography comes easily to me. For the past couple of years I have been a “closet” writer, so doing the swell reports has been cathartic in a way . . . given me a bit confidence to share my writing and get it out there.

Other than surfing, you also love to read.
Yes, reading is my guilty pleasure. I read any spare minute I get and it’s not unusual for me to knock over a couple of books a week. Reading gives me perspective, understanding, enjoyment, knowledge . . . I could go on and on. It was through SM that I became involved with my current book club. Another  SM  bonus.

Your planking skills are second to none. Any secrets or tips for us novices?
I advise you involve the whole family. Their embarrassment is surprisingly funny. It adds an extra element of satisfaction. Also you need a good photographer  . . . you can’t be expected to balance on a beam that feels like it’s about to split you in half for an eternity while they take their time getting the perfect shot. My tip is don’t yell at them to hurry up, or advise them that that’s really not the right angle. Unless of course you want to see them storm up the beach.

AND you are rumoured to be an incredible cook. What else are you good at? Is there any end to your talents?
I have good recipes. And while I’m on full time home duties, I have the time. I don’t think of myself as a particularly good cook, but I do love food. I grew up on meat and three veg, the latter cooked with loads of salt and boiled till the water nearly ran dry, so armed with this food upbringing, I think I do pretty well. As for other talents, well I think it’s quite well known I can move like Michael Jackson.

Cooking, surfing, writing, photography, reading, planking…. Not to mention four of the most gorgeous children around! I think we are all wondering- how DO you fit it all in??
I have a great calendar and an amazing partner. AMAZING partner. Somehow it works. I feel like we do all the important things. Life is good.

 Now that you are stepping aside for Kirsty to write the reports in term 3, what does the future hold for you?
I’m trying to work out how I can plank on top of Eagle’s Nest . ..

Bec planking near eagles nest.