Annie holding personalised surfboard

Annie with backpack


Annie Chisholm

Mamas have been and gone, but you are a stayer! What is the secret behind your unwavering commitment to the waves?
I need the exercise, routine and immersion in the ocean, with super views all round.  I love the social side of SM, hanging out with you amazing women who aren’t afraid to get wet and have a go even on the coldest of Fridays!

You are always so positive and full of energy on Friday mornings. Are you always so passionate?
No, at times I get pretty low and I have to work hard to lift myself up out of the doldrums.  What works for me is to keep fit, and “Carpe Diem”, seize the day. 

Other than surfing, what else are you passionate about in your life? Family, sustainable development, education as the great leveller and living in a Christian way.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
My 2 years as a voluntary teacher in Papua New Guinea.

What are three nicknames that you answer to?
“Hannabang” which was my mother’s pet name for me, “Annie Frangipani”, which my kids call me and  “Dora”, which was what the “at risk” kids called me on the Wilderness Program hikes.

Is it true that you birthed a cow before your surf last Friday?
Yes.  I love farming, and I’m pretty attentive during calving time.  If a cow’s struggling, I help her out.  I get such a buzz out of watching the cow licking her newborn and bonding with it enthusiastically.

Is there anything else we should know about you/anything  else you would like to say?
I’m eternally grateful to Lucy and Geraldine and all the SM girls for their welcome and positive vibe.  I love watching the young Mums and remembering my early motherhood – it all flies by so fast that it’s hard to appreciate at the time!